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California Coastal Camping, 800 mile ride

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The first post will be a post about the trip itself, And the next post will be about the bike and how it performed.

Well I went on my first camping trip on the CBR and it was pretty interesting.. I decided to head to the coast to go camping right next to Fern Canyon where they filmed parts of Jurassic Park (Old movies, But if you grew up during that time or had any children you most likely seen it).

Anyways, It was 10 hour ride there, and around 7 hours on the way back, and 800 miles round trip.

I decided to leave at 5 AM on Tuesday morning. This is how the bike looked prior to leaving all loaded with the awesome rack that Goobersbro made.

(I love how flash blocked out my plate for me and I didn't even need to edit it, lmao)

This is the route I had planned out so I could go by and see Clear Lake and take the twisty HWY 20.,2&z=8

It was a cold morning so I was dressed to freeze my ass off, but when I finally got to the coast and got to kick back on the beach it was worth it.

I first reached the coast at Fort Bragg, CA. Left the town a little ways and headed North up to a pretty nice beach.

(I wouldn't wanna live on that house in that 3rd picture.. They are gonna so fall in the ocean one day like all the other coastal houses.)

After taking my smoke break I kept going up HWY 1 along the coast heading north. The fog was bad because it was the morning, most of it cleared out during the day but not much of it. The road was nice and clear with not many cars because it was a weekday and a great day to be on the coast.

Then the next 180 miles or so I didn't really stop much because the coastal HWY 1 ends not to far from here and turns into the HWY 101 which takes you away from the coast for a little while.

Finally I get to my campsite road 10 hours after leaving my house, so happy to be there and just hoping they had spots open. First thing I see is the sign that says "Campground Full", Which I didn't believe so I decided to take the ride out there.

It's not any normal ride out to the campsite though, You need to cross creeks, and drive on a gravel/dirt road for 6 miles to the campsite.

The first thing I see when I turned onto the road was Elk. In the part of California I live in, We don't have Elk in our mountains so its a whole new thing for me. These things are huge when you see them in person. They were behind like a wall of greenery so it was hard to get them in the picture, But around 20 were grouped up eating together right here. They also walk the beach where I camped, But I didn't get to see any on the beach. ><

2 of the creeks I had to cross, Luckily there were spots I could go where it wasn't too hard to cross. Tires were slipping around on wet rocks though.

Yeah I know they are small but I still hate crossing anything with wet rocks.

Luckily I arrive at the campground and there are 2 spots open. So I decided to take one which was sorta blocked by the wind so I didn't have to deal with crazy wind all night coming in the tent.

After getting my tiny tent set up this is how my campsite looked.

It was a sand spot which was nice, but riding the bike through the sand was kinda interesting.. Front tire sunk so quick, lol

The beach was just a short walk away, just over a tiny little hill and down the beach. I could hear the ocean waves all night long which was pretty nice.

After I got settled I decided to head down to Fern Canyon, which is 2 more miles down that ******************** dirt road. I ended up totaling 16 miles driven on dirt/gravel this ride.

This is the walking trail to Fern Canyon.

Then finally.. Fern Canyon.

The night got cold, I went to bed around 6 PM and was awake @ 2 AM and it was raining like crazy. I planned to leave that campsite early and head up to Oregon but the weather was bad. Everyday the forecast is the same, they say 10%, it turns out the day I'm there I'm lucky enough to get the 10% chance of rain.
So instead of heading north more, I packed up my campsite like I planned and just did a change of plans to head home since I was pretty sore from that 10 hour ride the day before.

Leaving the campsite wasn't fun though.. I had 6 miles of dirt to come in, and then leaving it turned out to be 6 miles of mud.

I was happy to get back on pavement compared to that mud road, and the water on the road cleaned my bike a bit, But I still think I have to clean it sooner or later. -,- How the bike looked when I got back home, lol

Anyone wonder what the rear inside fender thing is for? To me it looks like a dirt collector and doesn't do very well blocking any dirt..

Anyways, I just wanted to post this about my little ride I had. The next post will be about how the bike was during the ride.. Some things sure did shock me and I didn't expect it.

My ride home was boring and don't have much to say about it.. Except..

Don't ever leave the coast @ 2 AM! Leaving the coast was very bad.. I mean bad.. Going over the mountain range leaving the coastal area was so foggy I couldn't see 6 inches in front of me. Really sucked trying to drive in fog that thick, I was alone on the road besides a few cars and tons of 18 wheelers. I was pretty much driving so slow just so I could see where I was going.. We need fog lights on our bikes. lmao
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Now about the bike..

I love this little 250, I do.. But.. I only got around 40-45 MPG on the way there on the interstate.. I mean, I'm used to high 60's and low 70's and I usually go by how many miles I drove before I get gas.

Its like clockwork, @180 miles my light starts blinking and I'll normally fill up around 190.
So, I'm going on this ride and i'm expecting 180 to the tank, And I can't even see my gas gauge or speed-o. My GPS is all I could see since my tank bag was set up in its high ass setting. I go by the speed on my GPS to know if i'm speeding or not, but it doesn't help with the gas gauge.

I'm on an old country road where there isn't any gas for like 30 or so more miles. I decided to look at my gas gauge since I just got off the interstate not long ago, and I had 100 miles on the tank and my gas light was already freaking blinking. I was freaked out because the closest gas station was like 30 or so miles away and I didn't even know how long it was blinking.
I got to totally test out how long that light will blink, and it blinked for a long ass time. I ended up finally making it to a gas station and was happy as hell I didn't need to use my roadside service. The tank fit 3.25 gallons of gas! I have never been able to put over 2.8/2.9 in my bike.. I guess that light does mean you have a long ways to go.. I wouldn't do it normally though because I'd be worried about the pump getting hot.

Anyways, It was shocking to see I got like 40 MPG on the bike if not less. I'm guessing it was because many factors though.

Heavy load # 1 which is obvious.
Wind # 2 because the wind was hella strong on the interstate and plus you have to fight 18 wheeler's a lot. The wind they throw off when trying to pass them is pretty hard.
And # 3, the speed limit is 70mph on the interstate so I was WOT the entire time doing around 80.

I just thought it was crazy how many MPG's I lost taking the interstate, so its good to know that if you plan on doing long interstate rides.

Once I got onto 22, 1, and 101 my gas mileage increased again, but I was too tired to keep track of the MPG, I just knew for sure It wasn't draining like it was before.

Also.. The Weep hole leak which I have another thread about.. That thing leaked like crazy on this ride. I mean the entire left side of my right boot was all covered with coolant and oil. It hasn't leaked that much since my last fix, So I'm thinking long trips plays a key factor in that leak. Still debating whether to bring it back to the dealer or not for another fix.. It seems just about everyone with a cbr250 has this leak, just some people notice it, some don't. For the people that don't have the leak, I have no clue how you don't, when I've got 2 crankcase covers and all new gaskets and bearing and it still leaks. I also know 2 CBR250 owners with the identical leak. lol

So, Overall, the bike performed well.

Even with the load I was still touching the pegs down in some corners and the load felt very stable. Overall was a fun ride besides little things like being freezing with tons of layers of clothing on. It still took bumps nicely though with the weight on it, and there was a lot of weight in those bags for sure.

Anyways, I'm done. lol

Oh a little edit.

About being comfortable.

I was pretty comfy, And I never got sore ass. I use the stock seat and never had issues with a sore ass except when I'm riding around on it hella hard. I took maybe 7 stops in 10 hours and each stop was 2 minutes up to 10 minutes. Legs felt fine, besides when I tried to walk. But yeah, I don't know why so many people don't like the stock seat. I gotta agree it sucked when the bike was new, But I think its all wore in and more comfy now or something. My neck is the most sore part of my body, but that's a given when you have so many hours with a helmet on and not being able to move much, just keep looking ahead, lol.

The new Pirelle I put on felt great going down the hwy, and it gripped in pretty well on the dirt road. When I was leaving it was slipping a bit, but I was in mud and its a street tire. It felt great on wet pavement though.
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great ride.. but downsize of the pics might help cus im still waiting for the pics to load.
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thanks man, this cheered me up no end
great ride.. but downsize of the pics might help cus im still waiting for the pics to load.
Oh doesn't the website auto resize them? I guess I'm used to fast internet. I just click it and it pauses for maybe 5 seconds and then they are all resized and loaded.

Also, I have really bad luck with new tires. The new rear Pirelle got a nail in it from this ride. Didn't notice it until a couple days after since I did slow local riding, thought it felt weird. But the 2nd to last picture actually does show it, if you know where to zoom. Couldn't believe I got home on such low psi.

Also, I got a Gopro today so next time I do a ride like this i'll have video! That woulda been interesting watching all that wild life I seen in the middle of the night on that ride home.
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