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Search for it, if its not here and its emissions related its not legal in the state.
Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts

For some items at least it is specific to a model YEAR even if nothing has changed. So if they paid the CA extortion fee for the 2011 CBR but did not for the 2012 then it is not legal on the 2012 even though its the same identical engine. A friend had that issue with his car, same exact engine but to get it smogged he had to rip a bunch of stuff out :/

Starting in I think 2013 all aftermarket exhaust in CA must not be any louder than stock. That is model year of the bike not the year you did it. This means that this is the last year to get a new bike exempt from that. Personally I think this is the first step towards lowering the allowable sound, you first have to stop people changing stock tailpipes. Remember every 3dB is double/half the noise so if stock is 84dB they may pass some law saying it has to go down to 80dB (4dB = 2.5 times) for future bikes. This of course is going to restrict the air flow a bit.

I am in a no-smog county so the only thing I would worry about are the CHP checkpoints for "illegal mods" which they appear to be increasing (motorcycle only stops). The NHTSA is also trying to push everyone to do more of that, they gave GA millions as a "test program" (despite congressional objection) with plans to do motorcycle only checkpoints. CA and NY have been doing it quite a bit, the goal of NHTSA is frequent checkpoints all the time to search VINs on bikes, novelty helmets (which they are trying to outlaw), illegal mods, invalid papers (license, registration, insurance), etc.

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