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75 vs 90

who knows dude... doubt their is any connection between this cbr site and that cbr site. why buy a 125, come and join the cbr250r club! their cheap fun and still an awesome beginner bike!
The CBR125 makes an amazing bike for an ecomodding hypermiler like me. Fuelly shows several CBR250 getting 75 mpg which will crush my Ninja at 58. I doubt any of these new 250 have even changed final gearing yet so the Honda could do even better. The CBR125 on fuelly are showing 91 mpg. Not much more you can wring out of them though. You ride them in a tuck by pulling in the clutch to shift off of the rev limiter between 5th and 6th depending on which way the wind is blowing. One guy posting on the 125 forum has actually done the CC50 on a 125. San Diego to Jacksonville in under 50 hours (43). He turned around and rode home somewhere. 6000 miles in 6 days.
I have 1.9% financing approved on a CBR250, no money/ sign and drive with tax, tags, everything so I will probably grab one.
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