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I'm trying to find a site that's selling CB 150 parts. I want to convert my CBR 150R to a street fighter / naked bike.
I reckon I could buy a CB 150 front end and install it.

Here in Bermuda, the largest displacement allowed on the road is 150cc and the CRB 150 actually exceeds the HP limit, but was grandfathered in because the Gov't didn't catch on until the Fuel Injection model had been available here for a couple years.

On my intro post you can see what my old Carb CBR 150R looked like. I want to go for more upright handlebars like those, but for that implementation I drilled the triple tree to add mounts for Moto style handlebars. Would like to avoid that this go around as the ignition had to be moved to accommodate and I'd like to keep the handlebar lock (for insurance purposes, I know it won't actually stop my bike from being stollen if they really want it)

Here's a pic for a reference



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