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last I checked the UK was not part of the EU, I'm I wrong?
As 7point62fm says UK is part of the European Community, but it is sort of half in, half out.... and I would guess half the UK citizens want to be in, and half want to be out.

The UK has not joined the European currency aka the Euro, which is used by 17 of the EC countries, and 5 non EC countries.

UK is also not part of the Schengen Treaty, which effectively makes travel between 25 European countries borderless, including several which are not part of the EC......

Whew.... all a bit confusing to a non European. Europeans probably just live with it.

I am half in, half out, with dual New Zealand and Irish citizenship. I could also have UK citizenship, but see no advantage, so have not bothered.

So to the Non ABS to be phased out in the UK. A few years ago I heard that there was talk of making ABS mandatory on motorcycles in the UK. I don't recall that it was in response to EC regulations, but it might have been.

I feel it would be just regulation gone wild.

ABS on a motorcycle can be of assistance when stopping in a straight line under adverse road conditions. It shares that benefit with cars.

In a car, because ABS prevents wheel lock up under heavy braking, the driver can still steer. That advantage is not shared with a two wheeler.

On a motorcycle when changing direction, if you brake hard enough for ABS to kick in you will probably land up on your arse..... When steering you should be off the brakes, or at most only lightly on them.

Off road, or on unsealed roads a motorcycle is better off without ABS. On sealed roads it is of limited benefit.

ABS on motorcycles is not the game changer that it was for cars. The problem is, how to get that into the heads of nanny state legislators (UK or EC) who want to regulate everything.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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