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CB250F Randomly loses and regains all electrical (Short?)

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Hello! I will take all advice/wisdom from you all!

Here is my issue. I have a 2015 CB2015F and out of the blue while riding I lost all electrical power. I pulled over, turned on and off a few times and after a few minutes all power came back. This has happened three times and each time I could never identify the issue, and the power just randomly came back. The last time I lost power it did not come back and I have spent a few days troubleshooting the issue and here is what I have tried:
Load tested the battery and it is fine.
Checked all fuses (to include the main 30amp) and all are good.
Cables coming from battery are not corroded and are delivering power to the box the main fuse is in.
I tried bump starting the bike and it does not start (no power to the spark plug I assume).
I checked the wiring harness looking for any sort of short as that is what I am thinking this might be and cannot find anything.

To make things even more interesting, a friend who was helping me sat on the bike, shook it (not very hard) and it immediately restored power. Bike now starts perfectly every time and I cannot make it lose power no matter how much shaking/jiggling wires, etc, that I do. It is almost more frustrating now that it runs, because I have no clue what caused the issue and I fear it will happen again.

Let me know if you need more info, my mechanical prowess is not very high with motorcycles, but I know the basics.
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Hello CB250F and welcome to the forum.:)
This site is however dedicated to the CBR250R and not the CB250F so most of us aren't familiar with your bike.
It definitely sounds like a lose connection somewhere or a broken wire though. Unfortunately I would not know how to trace such a problem but maybe someone else here does.
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My bad🤦‍♂️ thanks for the response though. If no one else is able to help I'll take the post down. On the bright side of all this, I am becoming intimately familiar with my bike!
No need to take it down. I just wanted to point out that most members here won't have first hand experience with that bike but tracing that problem is probably more of a general thing rather than a bike specific one.(I hope:p)
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