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I went through a lot of posts regarding this exact topic, I know how most of them seem to say its worthless and a waste of time but the main point they seem to present is its cheaper to just buy a new bike, I agree its a lot of money burned down just to gain a few extra horses but for a person who is about to go through a complete engine overhaul don't you guys think its interesting and worth giving a shot ? I am in pursuit of this extra few horses as i might have to get my cylinder head and cylinder changed but more on that later. I found a website that lists the parts manual for the CB300r, It looks like it uses about 60% of the exact same (KYJ-901) parts. The few differences I found are in the balancer shaft, Cylinder head, Water temp sensor at the place of our O2 sensor and the Cylinder itself. I am going to keep my cbr250r and i have no plans of buying a new bike so this might be something that i can do. Hope you guys will help me figure things out :) Here's the link to the website N K Motors | N K Motors
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