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cbr 250 mpg poor

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hi all

Just been on a 140 mile round trip and only got 19miles/per litre i think this is a bit low, the tank was full at the start of the trip and filled up when the gauge flashed on the way home approx 20 mile from home. I must say the weather was windy and lots of junctions to do. My bike has just gone past the 600 mile mark so is due a service not sure if this service will improve things. any thoughts would be most welcome.


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DUDE, you call that POOR gas mileage? What did you drive before, a tractor?? Seriously, anything over 40 mpg is good gas mileage no matter what you're on, and any bike that can eke out over 70 mpg is what I would call "outstanding" gas mileage. I think you need to recalibrate your expectations!!
hi all

Just been on a 140 mile round trip and only got 19miles/per litre

Miles per litre?!?? WTF is that, you guys are really confused between imperial and metric now, aren't you :) Anyway, once I convert it to something that makes sense to me (30.5km/l, or roughly 3.3l/100km), it appears reasonable. Not absolutely outstanding but in the ballpark of what one should expect.
My '82 CM450c got 61 mpg in a 66 mile loop to work & back with a whole lot of idling at red lights with the traffic coming home.
I get 5.1l/100km = 19/l
which is about 44mpg us.
That would be about right if you had 68hp.
I have seen the Yamaha wr250 record at that level during break in. And you could get that from your ninja, but that is the lowest I have seen for the CBR250.
Do your service and keep tracking. Consider logging your mileage here
Honda CBR250R MPG Reports | Fuelly
Ive only just clocked up 500Kms and I am getting 33Km's per litre.
mine also got 19 miles per LITER, and its normal dude! its almost the same as 70mpg...
dont compare it with PCX or other scooter....
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