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CBR 250R Vinyl Wrap vs Paint

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If you guys were to paint your bikes a different color. Would you guys rather wrap pieces in a vinyl in a color of your choice.

it would look something like this,

A huge plus to vinyl wrapping is that, you get to keep your original paint and colors, and it wont depreciate the value of your bike as everything will look "OEM" Also it could count as a paint protector, and also many other things. You could also change it when ever you want by re-wrapping pieces, it will take some skill but i think its a cheaper alternative than painting.
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it is a bit riced out to wrap your fairings in a vynal wrap, but it does protect the original paint which is a huge plus.

Vinyl is a great idea, as it does protect paint and many things as well, just how durable is the vinyl you have is.
nice,id like to see some other pictures of other bikes that are vinyl wrapped.if its not too much to ask lol
Get some track pieces that you can custom paint or vinyl wrap, that way you'll always have your OEM stuff if you plan to convert back to stock.
Where do you get track pieces and how much?
These wraps come in any deisgn which is pretty cool!
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Where do you get track pieces and how much?
By "track pieces" I believe he's talking about full race bodywork. Hotbodies sells a set for something like $650.00 in gray primer. It's not street legal, as your headlight goes into a box and put up on a shelf. The OEM Honda stock bodywork for the CBR is inexpensive enough to buy and repaint in custom colors, if you want to keep the original parts to return to stock. The paint is the costly part, if you have it done professionally at an auto body shop. Parts and paint... $500.00?
Matte black is where its at
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