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CBR centerstand

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum. But I love it tremendously due to its content of vast info on the new bike!!
No matter what people say negative or positive about CBR 250R/CBR 250RA, I'm satisfied with the bike. However, lack of a centerstand is a handicap at times. Will it be a stupid idea trying to retrofit one? Any idea thrown in this regard will be highly welcome.
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when have you been finding yourself needing the center stand?
I have kickstand phobia. I wish the bike had a centerstand, I'm always thinking some idiot or vandal will kick the bike over.
I felt the need for it when lubing and tensioning the chain in particular; even when cleaning a centerstand is more secure.
mine still works great and has a smaller footprint that any others.
DIY centerstand
Thanks lenbrinke,
I got the clue from your first pic. It'll be really helpful for home use. However, I'm thinking of an add-on job, I mean as a part of the bike.
It would be nice to have a center stand. Makes it much easier when adjusting the chain and also cleaning the bike.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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