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CBR250 Audio System

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Despite what people think about Audio on a motorcycle.and the flame ill be getting online,im going to be putting one on my cbr250 anyways.go tell the harley guys how you really feel about their audio systems.

the Amp i will be using is a Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4
picking the amp up today,was too busy yesterday.

-fits in the passenger seat compartment
=puts out more then rated power,will prolly put out 330-350 RMS.
-getting the amp new for 189$ instead of 269.99$

Rockford Fosgate® - PBR300X4

i will be using 8ga wire with 2 fuses(just because i have 2 fuse holders laying around) with 30amp fuses. one before the battery and one before the amp.

not too sure on what speakers i will be getting as of now because i dont want to get some expensive car audio speakers that have a chance to get messed up with water from washing the bike or rain in the future.

i plan on speakers in the fairings and possibly super tweeters near the gauges.

all wires will be hidden,will take pics of the installation,also under the main seat where the battery lays has room for wiring/fuse holders etc. but not enough room for this amp.will have room for the smaller motorcycle amps that ive seen on uniqcycles but those amps are small and dont do rated power.

PS:the L-Wrench that came with the bike doesnt fit to take off the id suggest adding one to your toolkit incase your batt dies one day.
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hey... mights as well go howard Sterm and put the speakers under the seat.... get alittle bass going....


crap... just remember to wear pants, we don't want to see that:rolleyes:
Hope it works for you Mellow. I was riding next to a Harley that had some music playing the other day and kept getting stuck in traffic next to him. Hall and Oates was playing (look em up on Wikipedia) on second thought.....don't. But seriously I can see the attraction if you are in traffic alot. Just not my thing. I head straight out of town every time I get on my bike. I've thought about putting on the ipod but I am just usually so concentrated on the riding I'm not sure if I would enjoy it. I'll give it a try sometime though. Enjoy.

yeah STL, i get in the zone where i just listen to the engine and forget everything else... just like my mountain bike racing... music will just make me corner too quickly lol
And I am probably a little too self-consious to be riding around putting my tunes out there while riding but if you got the balls to be conspicous more power to you. .

lol you see, the more we speak about this, the better idea it sounds....:cool:
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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