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cbr250 mc19 not starting

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hi guys

could u please help me any advice

ive wiped out with the bike on the freeway after picking it up ive started it,it ran and just shut off,tryed to start it up again but no go,wont respond when pushing the electric start button:mad:also tried to run start and not either starting up.
did not have time to test for spark yet while run starting but guess its a good try to start there first.

any advice would be apreciated
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Have you checked the kill switch isn't on? I've done the same thing myself, in the past. :eek:
Wonder how many noticed the "mc19" and know what it means :p

You may have luck on another forum that has more gearheads on it. With that out of the way ...

With an electric start does it at least try to turn over or does it just click?

The spark plug may have gotten cracked in the spill, that should be easy to pull and inspect.

Is a fuel line pinched? it may have gotten wedged during the accident and is no longer passing fuel.

I am kinda out of ideas until I know if it at least tries to turn over.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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