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CBR250 Vs Ninja. All facts and figures. Comparison by MCN.

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Finally a bike motorbike mag does a complete head to head between the CBR and Ninja 250s. With all facts and figures.

Motorcycle News UK | Motorbikes | MCN

Only released today and currently only available on PDF.

But can download from here but registration is required.

Well worth the read.

And the figures.......


Top Speed..................94,2MPH.........97,4MPH (advantage +3%)
0-60...........................8,76s..............10 ,18s (advantage +14%)
Standing 1/4 mile........16,63s............16,93s (advantage +2%)
4th 20-70....................14,68s............13,78s (advantage +6%)
6th 30-80....................26,42s.............27,79s (advantage +5%)

The CBR 250R wins 60% of the tests with an average advantage of 7% in those catergories compared to the Ninja 250R wining 40% of the categories with an average advantage of 4,5%. I.E., is mostly better but when the Ninja edges it out it's not by as much as it edges the Ninja out.

(analysis by Dave_Boo on

MCN final verdict is for the CBR.
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Also worth noting that the fastest they saw on the clock was 102mph (165kph).

The REAL speed was 94.2 mph (151kph).
Awesome that Honda does all that on a single cylinder, think about it if it had two like the ninja :)
This is the first comparison that has the 0-60 of the Honda being faster than the Ninja, and by such a large margin! I wonder how that happened.
wow this is a huge gap, is the CBR really that much faster than a ninja on a shootout?

I really didnt expect that one!
I believe the UK version of the Ninjette is fuel injected and spotty fuel mapping down low could be the cause of the slower 0-60 times.
In all the pics the ninja also has a slip on muffler. Akrapovic by the look of it.
I believe the UK version of the Ninjette is fuel injected and spotty fuel mapping down low could be the cause of the slower 0-60 times.
Quite possible. Does the European (fuel-injected) Ninja 250R use different gearing as well? Did they discuss fuel economy at all?

The performance figures aren't typically. Most reviews indicate that the Ninja 250R is quicker from 0-60 mph than the CBR250R by about 1 second. But these previous reviews came from U.S. magazine tests using the carbed version of the Ninja 250R. Still, it is a surprise to see a test where the CBR250R is actually quicker than the Ninja 250R by more than a second from 0-60 mph!

For North America based members (Ninja with Carbs) a face-off from MCNews which takes no money from advertisers listed the CBR at 16.32 vs. Ninja 15.73 for the quarter mile. 0-60 : CBR 8.79, Ninja 7.89. Top speed: CBR 91, Ninja 97.7. They measured hp at the rear wheel as CBR 22, Ninja 26. The CBR's rating comes at less than 7,000 rpm while the Ninja spins at 10,000 to get its max h.p. So down low and mid the CBR has the advantage. Having said all that MCNews liked the CBR for its higher torque at a much lower the range where it is most usable for everyday riding. So accereration off the line is better from the CBR but the Ninja catches up and passes...before the qtr mile is achieved. Interesting that the numbers are so much different...especially considering the fact that FI was present on the MCN tested Ninja......
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Maybe in the UK they had an 85 lb jockey test the bike. Big differences. I will greatly enjoy the torquey launch from stops without having to rev & slip the clutch like you must have to do on a 250 Ninja.
weird, this is the first time i read an article saying that cbr isnt that "slow" compared to n250 haha
If you look at the article carefully , somewhere in there it comments that the Kawi was borrowed or loaned to them..I am thinking not as new and seems definitely modified...and maybe modified to its detriment. The figures are unlike any of the magazine reviews as done in the states.........
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