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CBR250R aftermarket?

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Has anyone seen much in the way of an aftermarket making stuff for the CBR. I've seen Mugen, but what about the US companies?
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Dont know how there could be when the bike is not yet available
Dont know how there could be when the bike is not yet available

Aren't they available in Malaysia, Thailand, maybe India and other Asian countries?

A US aftermarketer wanting to get a jump on the season could order one "for offroad purposes only" and begin making mods and pieces for it. Otherwise they'll have to wait 2 more months, then waste time after that doing R&D.

I'd do it if I were in the business. Five thou to import one would be not much for a company.
There's a lot of stuff here:

Accessories - Motorcycle Accessories - Road - Entry - CBR250R - Merchandise and Accessories Catalogue

Unfortunately, it's in Australia. I guess you could contact one of the dealers there and see if they would ship.

Personally, I'm giving it a month. It's in the vendor's best interests to get the market opened up here quickly, and I'll wager they're working on that right now.
valid luke, thanks for the link

im just getting antsy :)

i want a different pipe, and i'd like to do something about the gargantuan piece hanging from the rear

maybe even black rims :)
My first priority is to get rid of the silver heat shield on the pipe. Haven't decided whether to paint it, or to wait until the carbon-print shield at the link above is available here.

Not sure about swapping pipes, at least yet. The stock pipe actually sounds decent, and a single-cylinder is a single-cylinder - I believe there's only so much that can be done. Many years ago, my Sportster had straight pipes, but I grew out of that. Not really worried about harming the engine (the aftermarket manufacturers do their research), but part of buying this bike was to reduce my footprint, and the OEM pipe has a catalytic converter built in for that reason.

Tires? maybe... I ride pretty conservatively, so I'll probably wear out the stock rubber (in the middle, no doubt) and then upgrade.

Wheels? The OEM wheels have a decent shape (at least to me). my bike is black, so I wonder how they would look if they were black with a red tracer... However, if i did that I would probably just pull them and have them anodized. Powder-coating would be another option, but that adds weight and there are holes in the hub that would be hard to cover.

As far as the tail, yeah, that could use some work. The License Plate bracket is cheesy. When the aftermarket stuff starts showing up that will be something I'm looking for.
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Thanks, mad trapper! This looks like some of the stuff shown on the Australian site - I expect that more will be added in days to come.
No aftermarket accessories in India so far. It has not even been launched officially in most places in India.
Lot's of stuff available in Thailand, but most of the shops don't speak English.
I emailed a lot of companies so far on production. Micron said no. Yosh said check out the JP site since they are doing the R&D but dont plan to do so for alteast another 4 months. 2bros has a slip on and full system coming out, bike actually just got to them today.

I should check into some cosmetic companies, but havent done so. Also need some protection soon. Sliders for just about everything, forks, frame, clutch, stator, swing arm, bar ends, tail end...

Not neccessary, but you can never be to cautios.

I'll post back as more companies start to repond to all my emails i sent out.
DaSik, Thanks for doing that research. Think you should start a new thread with any updates you get.
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