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I started riding back in 1959 and have come to realize it's time to get on board with a 250; dependability, good looks & should be fun to ride!

I got the bug for this hobby around the 9th grade and won't even bother to list the number of makes I've had! In short, the 1972 Honda CB750 K2 with an Air Research turbo and a single carb ran 10:90 @ 129 way back then! (fast for it's time)

Suffice to say I need to slow way down due to my health but the 250 looks like it will be fun in short, tight canyons! :D

This looks like a great site and I'm glad to be here!

Every good wish - Rev

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as a fellow re-entry motorcyclist having owned a K2 [& K6]
etc [ariel 1000 square 4 queensland police special - black $ chrome
in storage] i see where youre coming from mate..

have had black beauty [with ABS] for almost a year now of daily
commutes etc, typically suburbia, i am very pleased with this
great little honda and its general all round competence and
ability, which you would need to take to the track to explore
fully.. for a 250 single road bike you'll love its nice torque
and willingness to let go off the lights [destroys traffic]
together with generally excellent handling even with
the stock tires [havnt pushed them in the wet]..

other than the stock horn which was replaced with a fiamm
low tone plug and play 'buick' horn [$17 with post to aust]
and yoshi rear set step plates for personal ergonomics
[recent used leo vince slip on exhaust, not installed yet]
i reckon for general use it comes ready to go..

make sure you let it warm up and drop revs to 1500
each start up ['trains' ecu] only takes a minute or so..
if theres a choice i recommend the ABS braking system..

welcome back :)

[ps.. contentious issue for some, but i also recommend
using 91octane RON [aust] 87AKI [usa?] unleaded petrol
without, ethanol.. mine runs great on 91 - no ethanol]

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You might be our oldest member!
You'll love the bike. It's a great ride.
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