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I would assume that the Asian Markets have depleted the stock from honda. As these bikes do sell as hot cakes on that side of the world> in Thailand Malaysia, china , Korea etc. Bikes are a huge part of transportation. in those countries.

As for North America the demand isnt as high so i guess were not number 1 on the priority list.
India is really high on this bike. In less than a month after they started booking for this bike, they had 1800 bookings, when they havent even seen the bike nor a launch party.
I don't believe Thailand alone can fill the demand for the rest of the world. The CBR250R is a WORLD BIKE, it's cheap, and has a lot of things people want. Demand for this bike is huge and will still grow. I also heard a CBR250R manufacturing plant will be in North America somewhere, it was one of the southern states.
There will be two plants in India which will cater to the needs of the world. Its capacity would be close to 35 units per day(Just a speculation).
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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