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CBR250R not available yet!

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Ok, Ill start this one.

Why is Honda not selling the bike until April or whatever not?

Why does it take them one whole third of a year to deliver a bike that's been getting reviewed since Christmas or something like that?

If the assembly line was up and running at the end of 2010, why the long wait???

Does anyone know?
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Hey CBR-STL. I am subsisting on a vintage 450 as well as in a CM450c I restored also yearning for years that more small displacement bikes would hit the markets. Especially from a company like Honda. The CBR250 with its 65-70 gpm & good performance had me longing for it with my first impression reading about it. I have a red ABS coming & I too ordered it in March. It would make me very happy if it actually came in June. It is a long time but it will come.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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