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Did you ever figure this out? Just had the same problem with mine.
To your question: I assume there is a problem with the flow of the fuel that is in line where the pressure created as a result of the height of the fuel level. According to the thread opener, the problem appears when the fuel level drops to half. If this is the situation, in my opinion, the problem should focus on the blockage created in the line carrying fuel to the pump, it is a low pressure area (after the pump it is a high pressure area), the possible reasons:
  • Dirt at the bottom of the tank that blocks the fuel exit to the filter.
  • Dirt in the pipe leading to the filter.
  • The filter it self.
  • And there's the possibility that I'm wrong, and the problem is elsewhere.

In principle (P.S.), when the fuel level gauge reaches one line, it means that there is still almost 1/2 tank, and when the single line starts flashing there is about 5 liters of fuel in the tank. According to the Honda's specifications, when the last line flashing in the fuel tank should be remain only 1.4 liters of fuel (approximately). Honda has never admitted that there is such a problem in the fuel sensor level of our model.
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