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having changed cbr250r muffler for lv evoII carbon s/o
mainly for incongruous [imo] unbalanced, add-on,
after-thought appearance, which spoiled her nice lines,
together with the weight, and wanting some, engine
sound, and being quite pleased with the lv
i began with the same idea for her replacement
new cbr300ra [also all black], regardless..

the 300 looks to me like hondas attempt to address
widespread responses by many owners to that
250 stock muffler.. my motorcyclist son likes it..
you can hear the engine working, well muffled..

but,, aside from preferring the nice well designed
lv carbon [on all black bikes] what did it for me
was/is the extreme heat of 300 muffler even
after a short ride [10min], enough to burn
at a touch.. even the black end cone
gets too hot [sizzle hot]..

i seriously thought there was something amiss
with the engine to cause this excessive heat..
aside from its cat, which must generate heat..
but according to cbr300r forum members,
this is how it is.. very, hot..

too hot for me to consider having it on top of me
or a passenger should we go down for any reason..

just putting a rear disc lock/alarm on, i burned my hand
near index knuckle [twice] which was just a touch,
but resulted in real burns and burn scarring..
second of which seemed healed well enough
yet took the top off it putting light gloves on..

she already has yoshi rearset brackets
[bought before taking delivery] and also
very expensive heavy chain and top lock
to chain her to a large tree..
next on the list tho will be a muffler..
probably another lv evoII slightly changed
after a few years, or something similar..

bloke parks his ninja 250 nearby with musarri
slip-on muffler which sound really nice,
and looks good on the all black ninja..

heres a youtube link to a musarri on cbr250r

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Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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