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CBR500 Exhaust on the 250?

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I've been looking for an exhaust upgrade that can accomplish the following:

1) Reduce weight
2) Improve tone without being obnoxiously loud
3) Provide a catalytic converter to still keep emissions (somewhat) in check

Does anyone know if the stock CBR500R exhaust would meet these objectives? And would it fit?

I've read that Akrapovic offers a few slip-ons that have a space for their optional catalytic converter, but was thinking that picking up a 500's stock exhaust might be cheaper (given that some of those riders are going to be looking to replace theirs with aftermarket...)

Apologies if this question has already been asked but didn't see it in any of my searches.

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You arent going to gain anything with the 500 pipe. It weighs just as much as the stock 250 pipe. And the inlet side is bigger than the 250. I will sell you mine if you want to try.
You can make it fit, just need to make the list id smaller and shorten the pipe some. Sounds like a stock 250 pipe on that video
Good luck, also the 500 doesnt have a cat in the slip on. It's seperate
1 - 3 of 13 Posts