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Hey Folks! There are a couple of us trying to start a racing league in N Florida and the southeast with CCS. We have the attention of CCS, and they are looking at the interest based upon postings at various websites. I am a 250R racer, and would like to see if the CBR250R folks would like to participate. We would be glad to have you! Here's some info so please check it out, and let CCS know if you're interested. Thanks!

"wanted to give the 250r community heads up that there is a movement to bring a 250r racing class to the CCS Florida region. There are a few riders who have already purchased 250r's and are doing track day / race day testing in hopes of running the class in 2012 forward."

Ninja EX250 CCS Florida Region 2011 - 2012 Ultralight Thunderbike

Come join the fun!!!
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