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I nearly learned a hard lesson today; use grip glue. I used alcohol to put my grips on and while riding in the rain my left grip started spinning.

I just wanted to warn people.

Here's how I did it just in case someone is wondering.

1. Move controls away from grip.
2. Pry up grip, insert WD-40 straw and spray.
3. Twist the loose part to break the glue and WD-40 will work its way down until you eventually have the whole grip loose.
4. Wash the heck out of the grip and bare with dish soap and hot water if you intend to reuse either. I like dawn because it strips the wax off my mountain bike and car.

Now here is where I used alcohol, but I know it is not safe to do so.

5. Keeping a rag handy and wearing nitril gloves, quickly smear grip glue over handle bar and inside grip and gently push grip on straight and twist when it is in position to spread the glue evenly. If you twist it while pushing it, pushes more glue away. Quickly wipe off excess off plastic insert other wise there is a rubber cement type mess within seconds. If you use stock bars with weights removed it is not as critical to clean quickly.

Hope this is helpful and I hope to prevent someone from crashing by not gluing their grips.
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