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Long story short, I dropped my bike at low speed on a road sprinkled with gravel.

I have a Tri-Colour MC41 and there were scratches on blue, white, red and gold :/

I knew about matched paints from ColorRite, but since 4 colours were damaged, wanted to try a cheaper option first.

So I went to the Hobby Shop and bought all the colours. The paints are for painting plastic models, so surely plastic fairing wouldn't be too different.. Each little tin was €2.

The colours I got were:

White: Revell Code 04
Red: Revell Code 34
Metallic Blue: Humbrol Code MET 222
Gold: Revell Code 94

I stirred the paints and put them on with a small brush. To my surprise, all colours were very similar, except for the gold which was too dark. I mixed a little bit of white with it to get it matching a bit better.

For a total cost of €8, it is much less noticeable.

Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation.
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