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check out this Honda CBR250R test drive

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If you seen my intro thread you will know im on the hunt for information about the 2011 CBR250R since im trying decide if it's right for me!

The guys over at took the CBR250R for a test and they pointed out some valuable information to potential buyers like myself and they also do a CBR250R vs Ninja 250R comparison all throughout the article.

Great read, i recommended you guys check it out....

2011 Honda CBR250R -
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the ninja 250r has been the top dog in the 250 class for the past 22 years. it pretty has gone unchallenged til recently. for some reason most other manufacturers havent offered a 250 in north america for a really long time. its a shame that it still cant catch up to ninja 250r. i wish they kept the old high revving inline four instead of the newer motor....
The new CBR250R engine is a disappointment to me, not sure what Honda was thinking when deciding to go with a single cylinder engine. Maybe there are some benefits to a single cylinder engine, but someone will have to inform me on that. I just hate how the bike sounds like a dirt bike. All the best to the CBR250R in the 250 race.
Havent heard one even run yet, but i really wish honda could have squeezed a few more H.P. out of it. Its the only concern i really have about the bike.
i wish they kept the old high revving inline four instead of the newer motor....

Yeah, don't all we Yanks? It never came to the U.S. and would likely cost within a few hundred bucks of a CBR600RR if it did.

I'd buy one for sure if I could.

A 250 watercooled single like the Yamaha WR250 has makes Ninja-level power. But that bike is made in Japan, and costs a couple thou more.

The new CBR is pretty cheap. It also has EFI for the same price of the carbureted Ninja. Kawasaki makes an EFI version too, but only Canada and Europe get it.

It's a tradeoff. More low end for brand H, at expense of highest speed.
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