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Hi Guys and Gals:

I don't run this forum (not even a mod), but I would like to point out a few things that will make or break a forum. Just as obviously, I'm nobody's mom, so if you choose to ignore this thread that is your right as well.

  • Civility: people on here will disagree. It's cool to disagree - heck, if everyone agreed about everything we wouldn't even bother getting on the Internet because you'd already know what was there. However, it's pointless to trash someone because you disagree with them. First and foremost, arguing on the Internet is like playing Russian Roulette - even if you win, you're still stupid. Forums where this is the norm eventually get to the point where every topic degenerates into "F*** YOU", "NO, F*** YOU".
  • Profanity: I hang out with Firefighters a lot, and the profanity flows - I remember a NY firefighter using the F-word four times in one sentence, each time as a different part of speech. However, other than shock effect profanity really doesn't accomplish much, and tends to make people dismiss your arguments.
  • Nudity/Porn: Seen this a couple of times in the forum already. Yes, I'm a guy, and yes, I like women - but I also know there's a number of ladies on here of various ages who come here to learn about and enjoy the motorcycles. They most likely don't appreciate it. Mods, if you choose to allow nudity on the site, I would recommend that you restrict it to a specific forum so that people who are interested in it will know exactly where to go, and vice-versa.
Of course, all this is up to the mods, but I think this is a neat forum they have put together - and I have observed how quickly sites can go dormant as outsiders take a look, write it off as another one of "those" sites, and move on. I'd hate to see that happen here.

As always, just my opinion...

i AGREE with Luke.

peace and ride safe.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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