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Getting into 1st

I've owned several hondas and this one has a little tighter transmission than most.

To get into first you may need to roll the bike backwards and forwards a bit. As the bike gets some wear on it you may not have this issue as much. When downshifting at say a light or stop sign just make sure that last shift is done before you come to a complete stop and you'll be set. First will be a loud clunk.

I have trouble getting into second sometimes while moving which is more embarrassing since I end up in neutral occasionally. I know this too will improve with wear on the transmission. I try and make a conscious effort to listen for 2nd and if I'm not sure just go again. This bike has enough torque to pull away even if I end up in third.

The clutch may indeed be slipping. It's probably not worn out yet, but needs an adjustment at either the lever or the engine. Mine engages pretty far out so it's in danger of doing the same. I'm going to mention it during the first service and let the techs adjust it for me.

Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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