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Thanks for the pics. I think I'll bungee a big duffle to the back seat of mine (when I get it) using the same hook points.

IMHO, the lack of 'safe' bungee hooks in the rear is the one design shortcoming of this bike. Having the plastic tail section stick out where bungee cords are going to rub is the second flaw. I'll be using some clear plastic protector on mine, as you mentioned...

A flawed bike in the hand is worth 2 in the dreams.. I can't wait to get mine !
A definite shortcoming; it's good to have a bike that is a great ride. It would be better to have a bike that is practical as well. It would have been so easy to achieve, with little more attention to function rather than just form by the designers.

On all the bikes I have owned it has been easy to just bungee stuff on, without any need to muck around with finding, purchasing and fitting special luggage.

It is a factor that will come into play when I am back in the market for a bike, in a year or so. It would be nice if Honda designers could do something about it by then.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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