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Crack inside oil filter case

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Hi friends, i came across this problem in my cbr while changing the oil filter in my bike. This was the first time i tried to change oil by myself.I found this crack inside the oil filter casing when trying to replace my filter.Mine is just a 2year old cbr running just 12000 km and maintaining correct service schedules through the Honda service centers until now.Need your help.Attaching the image
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Flaws in the casting that may not be actual cracks.
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Those marks may just be cosmetic - and not thorough cracks.

I've seen plenty of cast pieces with marks that look like cracks, but are strictly cosmetic.
It looks like only 1 of the cracks lines up with an oil filter cover bolt, The others are running off of indentations in the casting. Plus I find it VERY hard to believe that the notoriously brittle oil filter cover bolts would come even close to doing that kind of damage to the side cover without snapping off well before from being over-tightened. Those things routinely break just from using a torque wrench.
I wonder how many of us may have the same "flaw" in our side covers to varying degrees without really noticing it yet. I know I'm going to look closer on my next oil change. For all we know it could be a known issue at Honda, maybe cosmetic only and still well within tolerances for safe operation of the engine.
I hope the OP follows up with whatever info he can wrest from Honda. This "issue" really has me curious.
If someone is doing an oil/filter change, maybe they could take a close look at their cover and let us know what it looks like. Posting a photo would help.

I'm pretty confident it's just normal casting flaws, but it would be beneficial to compare the OP's to others.
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