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It's actually not unusual for a bike to be totaled with what looks like relatively minor damage. The parts are high, and the threshold for the Insurance company is to put the bike back like it was before the crash - so a scratched fork slider is the same damage to them as a broken fork slider.

A lot of times, you can buy the bike back like qlred suggests, but it usually comes with a salvage title - meaning it can be difficult to license in some states and the resale value is neglible.

I'm with qlred on the 600 - most of the 600cc bike are inline fours with a race heritage - meaning high RPMS and violent reactions to throttle inoputs at some RPM ranges. If you absolutely want something bigger, think about bikes like the Suzuki Sv650 or the Kawasaki Ninja 650 - even though they are "bigger" than the 600cc I4s, they make power totally different and are much more forgiving.

Why not another 250? If this has knocked your ready cash down, look for a year-or-two-old Ninja 250. Learn from the mistake, and you'll be a much better rider because of it.

Good Luck!

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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