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Im glad that you are ok and your bike was covered by your insurance. To total a bike like this is pretty easy, based on state rules, for VA if the cost to repair is more then 75% of the value, 3k on a 4k bike, its totaled. Parts are expencive, so its eazy to meet that limit. Labor around here is $80/hour and to replace a fork is alot of time and $$. Front forks are ~$400 for this bike x 2.

Some people dont claim because they can fix it themselves out of pocket and it keeps the claim from their record which will affect your future insurance rates. Insurance are scammers, they will suck your pocket dry.

I think in your case, you make the right decision. has parts for the CBR250R.

Since you made the decision to get a 250 to start, I'd say suck it up and get the ninja 250. Its sad you cant get another one, they are hard to find. Its cheaper, and you can learn before you upgrade to a 600.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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