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So, I had a little crash with mine CBR250, just some bruises, I was wearing a helmet which probably saved me from having a major injuries. They say there are riders who have been down and the once who are going down.
No major damage (I hope), This is what needs to be replaced:
Left big red fairing needs to be replaced
Fairing that is about the headlight

I hope that nothing happended to the front wheel alignment.

Since I am totally new to motorcycles I need some advice from someone with experience.
I haven't contacted the dealership but I was wondering is there a way these can be fixed/repaired or getting a new ones?
Should I contact my insurance and will they cover the damages?
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it's totaled. .
Sounds more dramatic than it really is. As others have suggested, buy the bike back off the insurance company (if you can), and fix it yourself. Friends of mine have done that. Satisfying, and they have enjoyed learning more about motorcycles in the process.
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