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Danmoto baffle: A crude, but effective way to quieten it

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So here it is, the Danmoto DB killer/Baffle. Not the best design I've ever seen, in fact, one of the worst. It does nothing to quieten down the exhaust. But after spending money on this system, I wasn't ready to give up just yet.

So here's what I did. First of all, I went to my local supermarket and purchased some Stainless steel wool. Make sure it's stainless, as standard steel wool will rust. I lengthened it out, and pushed a wire through the baffle. After this I tied the steel wool to the wire through the middle.

So here it is inserted. This flies out of the exhaust, looks a bit like a child poking their tongue out when moving.

So what I did was get a small piece of wire, bend a loop in it, and tie the other end of the wool to the wire. Now it stays inside the exhaust and does a great job of reducing the sound WITHOUT restricting airflow or compromising performance.

It is crude, and somewhat unsightly. But it works.
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It made mine quite a bit quieter. Also I tried this with mine and it all blew out in 100 miles
Yeah? Same method I used? How long ago was that?
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