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Database of loudness of different exhaust

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We can easily start a database of the SPL of the different exhaust available for the 250. There is a free app for the iphone from JL Audio that has an SPL meter. App Store - JL Audio Tools. I know alot of people have iphones. We can set a standard like setting the phone on the seat and measuring at idle and at a higher RPM also. People can post their exhaust type and the SPL. What do you think??
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sounds like a good idea. only issue at the db levels we are talking the iphone mic may not do to well.
I just downloaded the JL audio tools and just me whistling at a low volume is showing as 94DB. playing with calibration now.
It might not be accurate but if everybody is using the same phone and app at least we will know which is loudest/quietest.
Base line

Good idea. Even if there are some slight differences between measurements. Anyone that does a before and after with the stock exhaust will have a base line.
Macca will win hands down.
bad idea, This will not make a decent reading, Im sure the phone will have auto gain features on it and have a max point.

As pointed out I will win, And no doubt max the iPhone mic lol

I am tempted to borrow a half decent SPL meter when im back to my bike ahahaha
I'm planning to put on the LeoVince full system this weekend, now the question is what are the rules for testing? such as at idle? distance away? different RPM's? at speed?

I didn't have enough money to buy a iphone!! so had to settle for the HTC EVO and downloaded the "soud meter" app. for the test.
What sort of system are you running Macca.
Arrow front pipe and M4 ss slip on
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