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Unfortunately..i have found that Honda motorcycle dealers are some cheap a$$ sons of bitc#e$...Where on God's green earth would you buy a Brand spanking new vehicle from a dealer and not expect to drive away with a complimentary FULL tank of gas...Till now I would have thought it was unheard of....Till I was told I would need to drive to a gas station just as I was about to start my new bike and drive off the lot...the last bar was flashing already as I pulled onto the tag bolts? doesn't surprise me that they dont include those for free ya if go ask them for some tag bolts they will gladly give you a pair..THEN charge you dealer pricing for them (300% over actual cost)
Surprisingly, as much as I like my local dealer (I have several riding buddies that work there), they only put in a complementary 1 gallon of gas in every bike they sell. They do provide some nice tag bolts though..
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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