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Our motorcycle has 3 normal diodes, and one more zener diode that is in the main switch, and you won't find it in the manufacturer's lists because it is anti-theft. The anti-theft patent doesn't really disturbing thieves, but it caused a problem for several members here on the forum, so here at the forum the zener subject is well covered.
3 normal diodes, all three are related to the starting system.
The component you show has 2 of the diodes (and another one that is in a different case and connected to the kickstand switch), for a total of 3 normal diodes.

With a multimeter you have the option to check the conductivity of a diode. If the component is OK:
(I) The conductive side, (+) to (-), will show if I remember correctly a value of 600-700 (two measurements, one for each diode)​
(II) The opposite side, (-) to (+), will show 0. (two more measurements).​
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