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hey man i'm 17 too and just got the cbr... i got it last saturday so 6 days ago. First day I had to ride it 50 miles home from VA to MD, and that was like my 3rd time on a bike after MSF course... and **** that was one of the scariest/funnest times of my life haha. I had the choice to deliver it but I was like no way. I am very grateful that I didn't drop it / crash or anything. Biggest suprise for first time being on the bike was the wind resistance, thought i was gonna get blown off entire time on highway.

I was also wondering why I was going only like 65 in 6th gear and with pretty high revs. I guess thats how 250s are, so I dont plan on going on the highway again anytime soon.

Anyway congrats on the bike and I'll make sure to stay away from gravel now.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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