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Dyno graph from Yoshimura

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Someone explain this graph to me clearly please.

This is the graph I got from Yoshimura and I need to know which set of lines is stock vs aftermarket... To me the graph represents a significant fall off toward the beginning of the range but I need to make sure I am reading it right.

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I dont see your image. But this was emailed to me along with a graph.

Stock (blue line) Yosh run (red line) Yosh Best run (green line)

HP 21.53 22.92 23.27

Torque 15.04 15.48 15.79
no green line is the trc open header and the red line is the trc ins-k header.
So neither the red or the green is for just a slip-on, both are for the full systems?
according to Yosh, the explanation is below. Also one set of lines is for HP and one set of lines is for torque. i believe the lighter colored lines are the torque numbers?

Blue line is the stock Honda system
Redline is the full system first run by Yosh.
Greenline is the full system best run by Yosh.
Since we're looking at dyno charts, here is the chart for the Bazzaz Z-Fi with a stock exhaust.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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