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Eastern Arizona, mostly

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I took a 3 day ride with some cruiser friends, with the high point to be riding the Devil's Highway. Instead, the unexpected dirt road and the side jaunt toward Mule Creek, N.M., were just as neat.

There are a sequence of videos here:

Being restricted to a camera, all I'll show are some photos.

a rest area between Apache Junction and Tortilla Flats. This shows the bikes and group.

After Tortilla Flats, the road had a 22 mile unpaved section. Washboarded gravel and dirt; an interesting ride for my bike, but the cruisers doubled back on the pavement. Here's one of the switchbacks on Hwy 88:

A view of Apache Lake below:

I liked the mesa, so you get a little bike porn, too:

A stop looking back down the road traveled:

And up the road ahead:

Pavement reappeared just before the Roosevelt Dam:

2nd day

My bike loaded and ready for the Hwy 78 run; where are the other riders?

I liked this tree:

Getting onto the Devil's Highway section; this is looking back down at the road we've just ridden:

Another view further up the road:

Day 3; headed home

This allowed me to re-ride the twisties without the cruisers; lots of fun this way.More scenery and bike porn:

And some of the road along the descent:

Then a bunch of less senic ride for another 200 miles to get home.

After 310 miles the 3rd day sitting on what is shown below, I think I may try Michael's suggestion of a sheepskin remnant.

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Awesome photos mate, I'd love to eventually get over to America and do a riding tour.
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