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I have a rattle as well - it's in the top end. but it's not as annoying (maybe it's me). I can make it happen sitting still in neutral, so it's not drive train. Went by the dealer to pick up a filter yesterday (HONDA - put spin-on filters on EVERYTHING!!) and I had their chief mechanic listen to it. He agreed it's there, but said he had no bulletins on it or any indication that it was a problem.

Every engine (except inline sixes, or so I'm told) has various rpm levels where harmonic imbalances occur. Good balancer design can eliminate most of the problem, but it still occurs - watch the front forks and the mirror of the next Harley that's idling beside you at a stoplight.

Is it a design issue or detrimental to the engine? Don't know. One of the risks you take when you buy a new model, I guess. Not going to let it bother me, would rather go riding. I know it's in vogue to distrust and hate big companies, but Honda has a pretty good track record of taking care of it's customers - one of the reasons I like to "ride red" (even if mine is black).

Let's hope it's just a thumper harmonic...

1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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