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My bike has 28xx miles, developed the mysterious engine rattle around 100 mi. ago. Notice it's worse at "constant throttle" 5300 rpm vs. under load or accelerating. Under enough load, it disappears sometimes. Called my local dealer that I got the bike from and they said bring it in. They did an oil change at my request and took bike out for a ride. Tech came in, they called me and said "can't replicate problem". They have an exemplary service staff at my particular dealership, so I asked if there was off-the-record info and they said of the 73 they've sold/serviced, no issues with buzz. The tech made a note in my file in case something does happen and advised me just to keep ridiing... I'm convinced it's and engine rattle and will record it on my cellphone sometime... If I do, I'll link to the youtube. Cheers, ~Ted
81 - 85 of 85 Posts
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