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I’ve rebuilt my own race engines and done 250-to-300 conversions and engine builds for others and I’m now offering complete engine-rebuild packages. If you want to upgrade your 249cc engine to 286cc or have a high-mileage engine or are experiencing rod knock, this is something that may interest you.

What is included:
-Initial leak-down test
-Complete tear down and inspection for wear and damage
-Thorough component cleaning (exterior/interior)
-New crankshaft
-New main bearings matched to crankshaft
-New cylinder
-New piston/rings matched to cylinder
-New clutch friction plates (if needed)
-New clutch springs (for 250 to 300 conversion)
-New gaskets (clutch cover, generator cover, cam-chain tensioner, oil-filter cover, cylinder base, cylinder head and exhaust)
-New seals (output shaft and shift shaft)
-New K&N oil filter
-New spark plug
-Cylinder-head inspection*
-Valve clearances set
-Leak-down test after reassembly

*Includes de-carbonizing the combustion chamber. If initial leak-down testing reveals issues with valve sealing, machining and valve replacement may be necessary and will cost extra.

Price: $1250 including return shipping to the lower 48 states.

What’s required:
You’ll need to remove the engine from your bike and ship it to me in southern California. I’ve figured out a packaging solution that’s affordable, easy to assemble, and has proven robust enough to endure the abuse dished out by UPS.

NOTE: If converting from 250 to 300 you will need to purchase a CBR300R ECU, which is about $110 online. If you already have a fuel controller (Power Commander V is highly recommended) you can retain your 250 ECU but you will need to have your bike mapped or risk running lean.

Feel free to message me with questions.
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