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(oh my god jesus h. fix that annoying CSS title box of fail! :p)

So I've had my black 250 for about a year now, maybe a few months more. 5,000 miles on it, mostly NYC and nearby outlying areas, riding pretty much every day, and I'm still loving it.

When I first got it I was eyein' this mod and that mod and how I could super-custom it (part of the fun right?), but moved into a new place which took $$ and figured I was pretty happy with it stock, and since I didn't have much knowledge on doing that stuff anyway . . . kept it so - better to focus on cutting my teeth on riding, enjoying, and learning it stock anyway (first moto, had a scooter for years before this).

Fast forward half a year and a few minor drops (one wet manhole cover, one last second left turn in front of me, and some prick who knocked it over in the night), I'm looking at "upgrade" parts since I need to replace a few still working fine but minorly bent/broken things anyway (left mirror, brake levers, shifter lever already ordered).

I've lurked here for the most part since I got the bike, and have learned some great stuff (thanks!), but I'm still curious. . . what have you found (or want) are the best mods/upgrades? I've grown used to the "hated it at first" muffler, especially with a nice coat of flat black paint on the heat shield to blend it in better, so, not top on my list to get a slip-on, but could happen at some point.

A few things in no order but near the top that are on my list though:

  • Since I need to replace mirror anyway, some kind of turn signal integrated mirrors. Haven't found any that looked more than maybe questionable quality as of yet.
  • Useless beyond going custom items like this: Rizoma 'Next' Brake / Clutch Fluid Tanks (Reservoirs) CT115 | - actually a lot of things at that site look pretty cool, any experiences?
  • Oft discussed Puig smoked windscreen.
  • Fender eliminator (think Hot Bodies seems best/easiest, but still researching).
  • Electrical outlet and phone mount.
  • "Better" lighting - brighter headlight, maybe change out the parking lights for some subtle/legal color, maybe some underbody lights. These also seem pretty cool and serve a great purpose (though I'm a wiring noob).
  • Louder horn.
  • Frame sliders.
  • Plasti-dipped rims in black. (I kid!! Powdercoated black and red tape re-done.)

Not super worried about performance, it's never going to be a 600, just isn't (a-ok with me, still so awesome) but always interested. So what have you changed or seen changed that you love or hate? I've done some due diligence and have parts in mind, but any thoughts on any of the above welcome too.
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