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Alright the shinko 140/60/17 is definitely proving worth. It went through its first rain test today and passed with flying colors. For a hard compound i wasnt expecting this at all. This tire gives me smoother turns than the irc, i get better initial grip on takeoff, and it has a lot more tread to wick away than pesky rain. Now i will have to say this is not a tire for track day. Taking a low lean into a sweeper at 75 and you can expect lowsides all day. This is a street only tire never off road. I would not take this to the track at all, unless you feel like you can drift a 250R which in m opinion i think not, Aufitt you were right in this area i pulled 80 and tried to dive into a sweeper and she wanted to drop me like a rock. That is all for now next update will be at 500

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