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The only bolts I can think of to mark is the bolts that hold the radiator in place. They pretty much have to remove that to get to the cylinder head to check the valve clearance. The valve clearance is really what you are paying for. The other two things you can mark are the Timing hole caps on the side of your bike. I cant see how they could check your shims without opening these.

Any shmuck can do an oil change in 30 min for $20 of parts.

If they don't change your shims, I doubt you will hear any difference as there is nothing to really change except maybe tighten your chain or loose bolts.

Honestly, if you are tool savey, do it yourself. There is a temp manual on the .org forums that takes you step by step on how to check your valves. It should also show you the locations of all the things I mentioned above.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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