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Fourteen Days In hands for a Solo Ride to North India

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There's nothing great about the ride or anything to brag about & I believe this can be done by anyone. So it all started about 4th week of August - an itch to ride somewhere, somewhere long, very long.

And the reason for the itch - looking into a little background sometimes during 3rd week June when I got hold of my C250R & having completed the K figure in 2 days, I'd to leave the bike at ASC for a week; reason - engine seizure (; Anyway Honda replaced the entire engine under warranty & a week later after that, I'd to be away from the country on job assignment without an access to any automobile. So naturally when I came back, I wanted to ride very badly.

Had about a week +2 comp off & applied leave for 3 days totally making solid 14 days; I could do the routine South of India or Kerala, but, since I haven't explored much of North, I thought this would serve a good opportunity. Since I'd good friends at Pune (North of India), I thought, I could meet them & then take it from there.

Thanking my work schedule, it took another week of postponement & I started my journey precise on Sep 3rd;

Day 1 - Ride from Chennai to Pune, covered about 1172 Kms in 15 odd hours; Started at 2:09 AM & reached Pune (Tunnel two after getting lost ) was around 17:00; included only about 5-6 fuel breaks + 45 min BFast break at Tumkur.

Immensefully I need to Thank my friends from my bottom of my heart to Mr Vishwas ji; without him, Pune trip would've been absolutely useless. Its only because of him, another friend Satyen & the entire gang of friends in Pune that we met at Motocafe (India's first Motorcycle themed cafe), today, is an evergreen memorable day in my life.

Some pics enroute...

Had BFast here...

Here's the route taken on day 1...distance approx 1172 Kms
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There're more pics to post on Kuldhara, but owing to time & demand, I'll keep moving; after this, we went here...

If you wonder the name of this fort...then...this is for what we went here!!!

Its Suryagargh resort that has come up recently & frankly, I think, this is the world's most expensive resort/hotel. A mineral water bottle costs Rs 120; An Amul icecream costs Rs 450; a fresh fruit juice costs Rs 650.

FYI - A mineral water bottle costs Rs 15 and the same Amul icecreams costs not more than Rs 120 (for 1 litre) at Amul's outlet & a fresh fruit juice at a decent place costs not more than Rs 40!!! Call it day, morning, evening, night...not even robbery, theft!!!
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No stories, just Jaisalmer

From the pics are Sam Sand Dunes

First sight of sand dunes...

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Some more dunes & then finally...

The Rajasthan culturals...
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Followed by traditional RJ folk dance & music with RJ desert food; what more one could ask. It was simply beautiful; food was excellent!!!

Coming up...ride from Jaisalmer-Pokhran-Bikaner-Jaipur - This is one of the most wanted road to be ridden in India!!!
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Wow. Spectacular sunsets! :)
Actually its much beautiful Mike, you can imagine the sunset like the one in Colorado; unfortunately its Monsoon here & hence there're too much clouds. Feb & Mar would be an ideal time to spend here in desert.
Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing!

If it is not too much trouble, I'm sure some riders of other brands of bikes would also be very fascinated to see your wonderful photos. You could also copy your ride report at ADV. They might be very surprised to read that you traveled on a CBR250R.
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Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing!
My pleasure :)

If it is not too much trouble...surprised to read that you traveled on a CBR250R.
Thinking from a broader perspective, yes, I can do it for you; but, there're people who get things almost & never completely, so I'd rather prefer keeping away from them. Anyway, let me have a look into that forum & shall keep you posted; and no its not a trouble at all :)
Journey from Jaisalmer to Jaipur

Day 8 - From Jaisalmer to Pokhran there isn't much pics as it was dark when I left; started from Jaisalmer at 5:05 & reached Pokhran at 6:15 which was nearly 100 Kms. Refuelled at Pokhran & when I took this first pic it read 223 Km to Bikaner at about 6:45 AM

And this one I took was about 18 Kms to Bikaner & the time was 8:38 AM

It took about 2 hours for me to cover over 205 Kms; The point is that the stretch is so empty, so empty that I was only cruising & I only shoot upto 137 only once for few seconds & most other times I was only cruising & enjoying the ride. All the above other shots were shot after I couldn't resist much stopping to take few clicks.

These are after Bikaner towards Jaipur...

Here's the route map...
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Day 9 - This almost completes my trip; with a very few more pics to add. Jaipur is one place that I didn't like much as its like none other than big metros which I didn't expect. I'd another friend of mine Mr DJ who visited me same day evening & we spoke for few hours & then he left. He came to see me despite the fact that he was married very recently & I'm sure his young wife would've cursed me :D.

For dinner, I went to a place LMB (Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar) a very famous restaurant & sweet shop at Jhori bazzar. I wouldn't say the meal was fantabulous, but it was excellent & the prices were high too. And you touch the sweet or food, you can see ghee ( oozing.

Another very good friend of mine Mr.JD & his Wife from Gurgaon had drove down the same night when I reached Jaipur, just to see me. To me its a big thing as he drove his Tata Nano over 220+ Kms just to spend few hours with me. So we kept talking, talking & just talking the entire night & then we caught up few hours of sleep.

I know I missed out missing few forts at Jaipur, just like what I visited in Udaipur (and the history says king of Jaipur & Udaipur were the most often to clash), but the most important one that I missed out is Bhangarh, which is famous for the most haunted place in India (and I assume it also holds some title w.r.t world). I was as close as 75 Kms (45 mi) one way, but owning to servicing my C250R & the ride next day. Speaking to few localites, few of them admitted there's eeirness in the air around while some said they've walked 12 midnight through the mountains of Bhangarh. Due to the mixed reactions, I skipped visiting the place & hope to visit sometimes in future.
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Day 10 - I got my C250R serviced & then left Jaipur next day morning, which is Monday morning. Original plan was to ride from Jaipur to Ankaleshwar which was suggested by one of our good friend, who's also known as Highway King or Living GPS Mr Kumar sir, but, due to his inspiration (he once rode from Bhutan to Mumbai non stop for days together on his 100cc mobike), I rode till Mumbai & my good friend Mr MS took care of me.

Some pics enroute nearing to Udaipur

And here's the road to Gujarat from Rajasthan at the border

and then I landed up at Mumbai with help of my good friend Mr MS

Here's the Route map...
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Around Mumbai

Day 11 - The plan for the day was to ride back home; but my friend's Mr. Kumar sir & Mr MS persuaded me to stay at Mumbai for a day to take rest & then leave which I did for which I'm very glad or else I would've been devastated by the end of the day. So Day 11 was left almost untouched with C250R & it was in Mr. Kumar's car I was shown a glimpse of Mumbai - One of the top most crowded, biggest & expensive cities (like Newyork & Tokyo) in the world

Mr Kumar sir was kind enough to buy us a lunch at Samrat, one of the restaurant where I enjoyed my food. Anyone visiting Mumbai should try this place, such a lovely GJ food they serve. Mr MS was kind enough to pay for the taxi bill; don't know if I'd ever get to repay them back Enough of lecture, here're some pics around Mumbai...

Mumbai sealink road (the road that has been constructed above the sea)

We'd a mini Get together on Tuesday night at Mr Guru's (another mutual friend) house & since I'd to leave early next day, I'd to pull away Mr. MS soon from the party. Just like Jaisalmer, I wish, I'd stayed at Mumbai for one more day.
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Thanks for sharing all those great pictures. Brings back a lot of memories, my wife and I were there as students in '84. We saw some of the places you have shown. I would do just about anything for one of those meals about now! We still enjoy making masala dosa and iddly. Thanks again
Tks for reading qlred; appreciate it.

This is the last set of pics (unless someone needs any specific pics from any city/roads) from Mumbai; during my return leg, I couldn't control my temptation to stop & click around Belgaum. Such a lovely scenery, such a lovely scenery!!!

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Day 12 - Ride back home from Mumbai - Chennai (home sweet home)

Here's the route map of distance 1396 Kms (870 mi) in 18 hours (actually I thought I got lost in between :D)

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The End

My friend Mr MS says, I rode all way from 400 Kms to Srilanka to a distance of 80 Kms to Pakistan. Looking back at the early morning of Saturday 3rd Sep 2011, I couldn't think if I could do it, all I'd in mind was a simple step to ride from Chennai all way up to Pune to meet few friends.

In those 12 days, I'd been riding on hot sun, pouring rains, dry & scenic national highways, state highways, through villages, unpaved roads, forests, hills, mountains, twisties, straights & desert. When I started off, I had absolutely nothing in mind as what to expect & what to do, its all the way my friends who helped me stay with them, cross the city, treated with lunch, paid for me directly & indirectly.

Finally, here's the route map that I did...

When I returned, the ODO said I did about 6310 Km or 3940 miles in 12 days

Some of the longest journey I did on a single day were...
Day 1 - Chennai to Pune - 1072 Kms
Day 10 - Jaipur to Mumbai - 1182 Kms
Day 12 - Mumbai to Chennai - 1396 Kms

Last but not the least, I should Thank my humble CBR 250R to have given me a good company for 12 days without a puncture or electrical failure or not even a single break down :)
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Thanks for this great trip report, Aargee.
Great pics and write up. Thank you.
Thanks Wynne

Thanks for this great trip report, Aargee.
Thanks Natrix
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