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Well, I just bought a 2012 CBR250R with 980 miles on it, figured the previous owner never warmed up to riding or scared himself out of it (dings on side indicate he laid it down). I figured it must have the original battery in it, and being 4 years old, I just decided to order a new one, which arrived, I activated it and charged and installed it.

So today, I got a Solar BA9 battery tester, and I'll be damned if the old battery isn't in great shape! 100% state of health reading, 100% state of charge more than 24 hours after taking it off the CTEK. I wish I had the tester first, I'd have left the new YUASA battery unactivated on the shelf.

Now that I installed, it though, I expect to use it for years and this thing will definitely degrade. Seems a shame to waste it, so I'm giving it away. It's one of these

I live on the northwest side of Chicago (Edgebrook area, near Elston and Milwaukee) and I work in Lisle, adjacent to Naperville. If anyone needs a new battery or is close to it, PM me, you are welcome to it. You can pick it up at my apartment or my office.
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