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I got 66 mpg on my first full tank. Mainly 30 mile trips from the dealer to home and to work and back. Two lane roads at 55 to 65 mph passing through two towns and a dozen traffic lights. I made a couple of spurts up to 80 for a few seconds just because.

As long as you don't mind the riding position and remember to grip the tank with your legs, you should be fine commuting 50 miles each way. You can zip through the gears 1 - 5 and be doing 75 before most caggers get off the brake. :D 6th is a true overdrive and not useful for passing, but clutch, downshift & throttle take care of that. :) You shouldn't be afraid to make the single sing.

It's no .6 or 1 liter, but you can have fun riding it hard and still get to work on a gallon or less of gas. I think of my CBR as Conservative But Racy.

I'm definitely having more fun on the CBR250R than I did on my Shadow Spirit 750 DC.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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