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i often ride with pillion rider(dad) as he has to be dropped in office 30kms from my place...

i weigh a 97kg and dad around 80kg

service manual says maximum weight capacity is 217kg and i am well within the limit(those printed in manual are wrong...refer thread in same forum)

my dealer said inflate to 30/40psi
i fell in doubt and read manual all over again..and saw with pillion rider-29/33psi

as the manual already has some corrections,i checked the frame and it also said 29/33psi

my friends using tubeless tyres told inflating rear tyres 3-4 psi more will ensure pillion weight management,but a little wear will be following...

please recommend the pressures to be used
i am inflating nitrogen---
and currently using 29/34psi(1 point for safety)
is there any chance of rim to bend as total weight is 97+80(170kg)
and do i have to inflate it 2-3psi more to avoid that???

please recommend it guys

my region:kerala,INDIA
(roads are a disaster in our a little NH-47 to rock on)
tredding region:bumps,gutters,speed breakers..often
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