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Garden Of The Gods

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Also on the Turquoise Trail, just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
This is a popular spot for motorcyclists to stop and stretch their legs.

Rock Formation Badlands Outcrop Mountainous landforms

Rock Outcrop Bedrock Formation Geology

Rock Formation Outcrop Bedrock Geology

Badlands Rock Formation Shrubland Mountainous landforms

Shrubland Vegetation Plant community Badlands Formation

Rock Badlands Motorcycle Vehicle Wadi

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Mode of transport

Rock Motorcycle Vehicle Mode of transport Badlands
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Some weird and wonderful rock formations there. Do you have any idea how they were formed?

My guess is volcanic.

I didn't catch thread when it was first posted. Nor did many others I guess, from the lack of comments.

With Ride Reports now coming up in Active Topics, they should get the attention they deserve. With selecting photos, resizing, and so on, even a simple ride report takes a bit more effort than an ordinary post......

Beside that, going places and doing things is what motorcycling is all about to me, and I guess a few others. Each to their own, but to me the bike is just the means, not the reason for going somewhere.
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Also a great place for rock climbing... I need to get out there some time. Great pics!

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Good stuff man nice shots.
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