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First motorcycle, huh?

The tank has baffles inside to help prevent sloshing and guide noobs on how to fill the tank. As the gas near the top of the tank while fueling, the air that was caught between the baffles is displaced by the gas. The air escapes slowly, so you need to keep adding small amounts. You may notice small bubbles appearing at the surface as the air escapes. Eventually you will reach a point were all the air has been displaced and the tank contains only gas. Of course, at this point the tank is so full that fuel may run out of the overfill tube. I haven't had this happen to me yet, but it would happen all the time with my old VT750DC Shadow Spirit. That tank didn't have the top plate so filling it to the brim was a much quicker and easier task.

My current fill up procedure is to take it up to the top plate and then add 10 to 12 small shots from the nozzle until the level stays above the top plate but is still a half inch or so below the bottom edge of the rim. This usually gives me a full 6 bars on the gauge for 20 miles or so before it drops to 5 bars.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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